Escape Planet 17-DARKSiDERS

Description: In Escape Planet 17, you are under the skin of Natan, a detective from the Narcotics Department. While investigating a new drug circulating on the streets, Nathan sees his partner being killed and both are framed for involvement in trafficking among others crimes. Nathan is unjustly accused, convicted, sent to a prison planet and removed from his family. During his stay on planet 17, Nathan devises a plan to escape, but a series of macabre crimes initiates a security protocol and prevents his plans. Get involved in an obscure plot involving violent gangs, synthetic drugs and a symbiotic experiment company. Giving up is not an option, escaping the planet is your mission, even if you have to get your hands dirty with blood.


  • Well-established platform game mechanics, with adjusted controls.
  • Skills such as double jump, dash, wall jumping among others.
  • Unique system of interaction with characters: Choose between bribing, influencing or threatening characters.
  • Use shields, vests, and bandaids to protect yourself and recover your life.
  • Unique system to equip weapons and multidirectional aiming.
  • An Interactive Inventory system with the ability to save, load, drop and other options to manage several items.
  • A game with fluid narrative and a great and unique History.

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: BIG4 Game Studio
Publisher: BIG4 Game Studio

Release name: Escape.Planet.17-DARKSiDERS
Size 1.7 GB
LinksSteam – NFO – NTi


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